Personal Lubricant & Travel Case
Personal Lubricant & Travel Case
Personal Lubricant & Travel Case

Personal Lubricant & Travel Case

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Travel-sized silicone lubricant

Ideal for sex, hair styling and sport

Durable and discreet white storage case

Takes 15ml überlube On the Go refills

Leaves the skin feeling moisturised after use

Überlube’s Good to Go range offers fans of this premium silicone solution the opportunity to carry a more discreet and convenient sized bottle of with them wherever they want to be. The refillable pocket-sized white-coloured case measures 10.6cm x 2.1cm and comes with a 15ml insert.

The Überlube premium silicone lubricant formula is so advanced that it can be used for a range of purposes including sexual intercourse, to eliminate chafing during sports and as an anti-frizz agent when added to hair care products. Formulated so that it is thinner than most other silicone lubricants, it promotes touch when used for sexual intercourse; this means that sensation is improved and lovers feel a greater connection with one another. The thin formulation also has the benefit that it knows when it is being used and when it is not being manipulated the formula breaks-down and disappears leaving the skin feeling moisturised. Formulated to the highest standards, Überlube uses medical grade silicone and is resistant to bacteria and fungus. The pump-action bottle ensures it is easy to apply and a little goes a long way.

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1-2 weeks
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