PÄRLA FLOSS Plastic Free Floss 30m
PÄRLA FLOSS Plastic Free Floss 30m

PÄRLA FLOSS Plastic Free Floss 30m

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Dentists, like our founders and hygienists around the world, recommend flossing daily to maintain good oral health- and you really REALLY should be! 
Here’s the harsh truth…brushing alone only cleans 75% of your teeth - leaving the crucial area in between your teeth unclean. This area is the most common location to see dental decay and gum disease. 
Whilst you might have your brushing technique nailed (we have no doubts that it’s a 10/10 performance) you need your floss game to match! 
This is why we created a 100% plant-based and fully compostable PÄRLA Floss
We know it’s our own floss, but we’ve really outdone ourselves on this one! 
Not only is the floss itself completely plastic-free and plant based but it’s held in a reusable glass jar with an aluminium lid which can be used forever plus the cardboard box it comes in is also infinitely recyclable.
This means our floss can be fully composted at home - just throw it in your compost heap or garden waste bin and it will eventually turn into plant food!  
A well-deserved round of applause for the development team on this one because that’s pretty awesome right?! 
Corn Floss; Candella Wax; Peppermint; Fluoride
5-7 Business Days
Product Code: FLO001