Firming Body Oil
Firming Body Oil
Firming Body Oil

Firming Body Oil

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This intensive body sculpting treatment combines active botanical oils and extracts proven to tone skin, enhance collagen levels, and protect against future loss of elasticity.  
Massaged well into target areas, specialised contouring botanicals Grapefruit and Black Pepper activate the sympathetic nervous system to rapidly provide a more sculpted appearance. Meanwhile, gently exfoliating Papaya Enzyme leaves skin smooth for instant toning benefits. 
OLVERUM Firming Body Oil also targets the progressive loss of firmness caused by the ageing process. Paracress Extract, proven to slow skin’s natural collagen degradation, works synergistically with collagen-boosting Alaria Esculenta extract for amplified effects in maintaining the skin’s natural plumpness. Meanwhile, antioxidant-rich Clary Sage, Thyme, Rosemary, and Patchouli oils prevent the formation of damaging free radicals. 

How to use - 

Apply a generous layer of Firming Body Oil onto the cleansed, damp skin of the targeted area of the body, and massage. For the best results, use your palm to roll and stroke upwards. This repeated action will increase blood circulation to the area and will promote collagen synthesis, resulting in firming looking skin.

"Vitis Vinifera Seed (rnGrapeseedrn) Oilrn,rnCrambe Abyssinica Seed Oilrn,rnSimmondsiarnChinensis (rnJojobarn) Seed Oilrn,rnPrunus Armeniaca (rnApricotrn) Kernel Oilrn,rnButyrospermum Parkii (rnShearn)rnOilrn,rnLactobacillus/Papaya Fruit Ferment Extractrn,rnCaprylic / Capric Triglyceridern,rnCitrus Grandisrn(rnGrapefruitrn) Peel Oilrn,rnCocos Nucifera (rnCoconutrn) Fruit Extractrn,rnCarica Papaya (rnPapayarn) Seed Oilrn,rnAlaria Esculenta Extractrn,rnSambucus Nigra (rnElderberryrn) Fruirnt Extractrn,rnSpilanthes Acmella (rnParacressrn)rnFlower Extractrn,rnRosmarinus Officinalis (rnRosemaryrn) Leaf Extractrn,rnJuniperus Communis (rnJuniperrnBerryrn) Fruit Oilrn,rnPiper Nigrum (Black Pepper) Fruit Oilrn,rnSalvia Sclarea (rnClary Sagern) Oilrn,rnThymusrnVulgaris (rnThymern) Flower/Lrneaf Oilrn,rnRosmarinus Officinalis (rnRosemaryrn) Leaf Oilrn,rnPogostemon Cablinrn(rnPatchoulirn) Leaf Oilrn,rnCitrus Bergamia (rnBergamotrn) Fruit Oilrn,rnCitrus Aurantifolia (rnLimern) Oilrn,rnEucalyptusrnGlobulus (rnEucalyptusrn) Leaf Oilrn,rnJuniperus Virginiana (rnCedarwoodrn) Oilrn,rnCitrusrnAurantium Dulcisrn(rnOrangern) Peel Oilrn,rnGaultheria Procumbens (rnWintergreenrn) Leaf Oilrn,rnHelianthus Annuus (rnSunflowerrn)rnSeed Oilrn,rnLinalool*, Citral*, Geraniol*rn*Components of Natural Essential Oi"
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