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Bath Oil
Bath Oil

Bath Oil

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OLVERUM Bath Oil’s expertly balanced blend of ten sumptuous essential oils work in harmony to relieve stress, revive aching muscles, and restore lustre to dull or dry skin. A true green wellness original, it has established a reputation over nine decades for both its luxuriously therapeutic qualities and its exotic, intoxicating fragrance.
OLVERUM Bath Oil’s closely-guarded formula, including soothing Siberian Fir Needle and calming May Chang, eases tension in body and mind, gently moisturises skin, and helps promote a restorative sleep that can boost a flagging immune system. An indulgent aromatic ritual of relaxation which leaves your skin silken, your body revitalised, and your spirit restored.

How to use -

Add approximately 1/3 capful (5ml) to a warm bath with a temperature of around 37℃. Agitate the surface of the water with your hand to disperse the oil. Relax. Restore. Renew.

Available in 125ml or 250ml.
"propyl Myristatern(a naturally derived emollientrnfrom coconutsrn)rnAbies Sibirica (rnSiberian Firrn) Needle OilrnArachis Hypogaea (Ground Nut) OilrnLavandula Hybrida (rnLavandinrn) OilrnEucalyptus Globulus (rnEucalyptusrn)rnLeaf OilrnCitrus Limon (rnLemonrn) Peel OilrnLimonene*rnRosmarinus Officinalis (rnRosemaryrn) Leaf OilrnLitsea Cubeba (rnExotic Verbenarn)rnFruit OilrnParfum (Fragrancern)**rnLavandula Angustifolia (rnLavenderrn) OilrnCocos Nucifera OilrnAscorbyl PalmitaternTocopherolrnLinalool*rnCitral*rnCitrus Aurantifolia (rnLimern) OilrnJuniperus Communis (rnJuniperrn) Fruit OilrnGeraniol*rnBenzyl Arnlcohol*rnCoumarin*rnPelargonium Graveolens (rnGeranium Flowerrn) OilrnCitronellol*rnChlorophyllinrn-rnCopper Complexrn* Components of Natural Essential Oilrn** Refers tornNatural Essential OilsrnINGREDIENTSrn: Isopropyl Myristatern,rnAbies Sibirica (rnSiberian Firrn) Needle Oilrn,rnArachisrnHypogaea (Ground Nut) Oilrn,rnLavandula Hybrida (rnLavandinrn) Oilrn,rnEucalyptus Globulusrn(rnEucalyptusrn) Leaf Oilrn,rnCitrus Limon (rnLemonrn) Peel Oilrn,rnLimonene*rn,rnRornsmarinus Officinalisrn(rnRosemaryrn) Leaf Oilrn,rnLitsea Cubeba (rnExotic Verbenarn) Fruit Oilrn,rnParfum (Fragrancern)**,rnLavandula Angustifolia,rn(rnLavenderrn) Oilrn,rnCocos Nucifera Oilrn, Ascorbyl Palmitate,rnTocopherolrn,rnChlorophyllinrn-rnCopper Complex,rnLinalool*rn,rnCitral*rn,rnCitrusrnAurantifolia (rnLimern) Oilrn,rnJuniperusrnCommunis (rnJuniperrn) Fruit Oilrn,rnGeraniol*rn,rnBenzyl Alcohol*rn,rnCoumarin*rn, PelargoniumrnGraveolens,rn(rnGeraniumrn)rnFlowerrnOilrn,rnCitronellol*rn* Components of Natural Essential Oilrn.rn** Refers to Natural Essential Oils"
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