Ulah Wax Melts
Ulah Wax Melts
Ulah Wax Melts

Ulah Wax Melts

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Fill your space with an opulent and elegant atmosphere with Mara Luna’s Ulah wax melts. Ulah translates to ‘gem of the sea’. Inspired by this romanticised meaning each wax melt has been mindfully made to create a sensual yet soothing atmosphere.
Infused with rose petals and enriched with the aroma’s of oud, rose, jasmine and cedarwood. Each wax melt releases a luxurious trail of floral and woody fragrances creating a warm and exotic ambience. 
All sets have been carefully considered and handmade by Mara Luna, offering you a luxurious and bespoke experience in hopes that in return it will enrich your life with indulgence and serenity.
Each pack contains 6 moon shaped wax melts infused with organic petals. To get the most out of your wax melts it is recommended that you snap each one in half and burn half at a time. As they are highly fragranced each wax melt will fill your room with aroma. Enjoy up to 20 hours of fragrance with each pack.
Wrapped in glassine paper - fully recyclable and biodegradeable.

Pack of 6.
Soy wax, Fragrance oils, Flower petals
2-3 weeks
Product Code: 1204