Crystal Activated Hand Protection Spray

Crystal Activated Hand Protection Spray

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More than just an effective hand sanitiser, this crystal elixir is designed to balance the root chakra and help you feel energised and centered.

Can be used as a grounding or protection aid throughout the day or as part of a meditation to calm a restless mind and bring you back into your physical body, connecting with the Earth beneath your feet for support and a sense of security. We have selected the alchemic triad of black tourmaline, red jasper, and smoky quartz to help balance, ground and protect the root chakra.

Vetiver, Basil and Wild Orange essential oils have been added to complement the benefits of the crystals, as well as moisturise and protect your hands. Organic coconut oil has been added for additional nourishment. With over 65% alcohol content, this hand sanitiser is based on the World Health Organisation’s guidelines.

A portion of sales from this product will be donated to Crystal Clear to support their mission to empower artisanal and small-scale miners around the world.


Ethyl Alcohol (66.5%), Elixir Charged Water, Hydrogen Peroxide, Mono-Propylene Glycol, Coconut Oil, Vetiver, Basil, Wild Orange.
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