Plum & Vetiver Bath Soak

Plum & Vetiver Bath Soak

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A deeply relaxing bath soak in a delicate powder that fills your bath with skin-loving plum, coconut and jojoba oils, pink Himalayan salts and essential oils vetiver, frankincense and mandarin to relax and calm your busy mind. 
The pink Himalayan salts will ease tired, overworked muscles, while our grounding essential oil blend of frankincense, vetiver and mandarin will reduce stress, tension and aid a restful night’s sleep.  The plum, coconut and jojoba oils will leave skin feeling deeply nourished and silky smooth. It's great after intensive exercise or for aching muscles when you feel under the weather. 
Our unique bath soak is made with 100% natural ingredients that won’t irritate delicate skin and sensitive areas. We use tapioca starch as a base, which allows the oils to disperse evenly through the water and means there is no oily residue left behind.  You can also apply the powder directly to damp skin and use as a gentle body scrub. Not a bath person? Scoop some into a bowl and take it into the shower to use as a scrub or, to use as a steamer place the bowl on the floor (away from the main spray) and allow the salt and essential oils to fill the shower.)
Final Tip - Use as a wonderful foot spa. The oils will soften skin and you can scrub the salt over your feet and heels. 


Our compostable jars are 100% biodegradable (including the paper labels) and the glass packaging is also recyclable (but we encourage you to re-use these beautiful miron jars in creative ways.) We avoid external packaging and excess wrapping to keep our footprint small.

Tapioca Starch, Pink Himalyan Salt, Jojoba Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Plum Kernel Seed Oil, Vetiver*, Mandarin*, Frankincense*, Peppermint*, Eucalyptus*, Vitamin E *essential oils
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