Eau So Happy CBD Cologne
Eau So Happy CBD Cologne

Eau So Happy CBD Cologne

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We bottled a feeling.
You deserve to feel good all month long. Eau So Happy has functional properties to support you through mood and your cycle.

Lift your spirits and bring calm into your everyday with a spritz of fresh fragrance with mood-boosting benefits. Fresh and fruity notes designed to elevate your mood, and your day. An instant spritz of Serotonin. For use throughout every stage of your cycle for a little pick me up.

When in Your Cycle?

Eau So Happy is here to support you in all phases of your cycle. Our bespoke scent is designed to lift your mood when you might be feeling low during Week 04 of your cycle, calm and relax you during Week 01 and energise you during Week 02.

Fragance Notes:
  • CBD: Invigorates your body's command centre for instant zen.
  • Orange, Neroli, Petitgrain & Mandarin: Revitalising citrus notes to boost your mindset
  • Pear, Green Stem Accord: Crisp and sharp to awake your senses
  • Cardamom: Spicy and woody to invigorate
  • Lily & Rose: Floral notes known for mood boosting properties
  • Vetiver, Frankincense & Amber: Relieving the stress of everyday life and brings you to a place of calm
  • Musk, Moss & Soft Woods: For focus and grounding. 
50ml - Vegan
1-3 days
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