Earth's Oils - Organic Jojoba Oil
Earth's Oils - Organic Jojoba Oil
Earth's Oils - Organic Jojoba Oil

Earth's Oils - Organic Jojoba Oil

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Our Organic Jojoba Oil is a result of year-long research. Just like all our oils we searched the globe to find the most organic and pure version of Jojoba Oil. Our golden, cold pressed Jojoba oil produced from the seeds of Jojoba trees grown in an organic plantation in Egyptian desert. It is unrefined and non-deodorised to save the wonderful nutritious structure of the plant. There are no GMO, chemical fertilisers, dyes or harmful solvents like hexane used at the farm.

Jojoba Oil is structurally a wax; it is almost identical to our natural oil called sebum. Jojoba being so much like our own sebum penetrates the skin very well and absorbs very well. It has a natural silky texture to it just like well hydrated skin does except it won't clog the pores like overly oily skin can.

We cannot praise our Organic Jojoba Oil enough! It is a true panacea that helps in soothing, healing, conditioning and moisturising the skin and hair. Therefore, we put a guide inside the box to help you get the most out of your bottle!



  • Vegan and never tested on animalsHas natural earthy scent
  • Pure, unrefined, undiluted, never mixed with any other oil, ingredient or water
  • Rich in zinc, vitamin E, and vitamin B
  • Free from alcohol, chemicals, fragrances, genetically modified plants, preservatives, synthetic ingredients and toxins (any kind)
  • Hand poured in small batches in our London studio
  • Naturally in golden colour
  • Eco-friendly recyclable and/or reusable packaging
  • External use only
  • 100ml
Organic Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) oil from Egypt
3-4 days
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