Immunity complex
Immunity complex
Immunity complex
Immunity complex

Immunity complex

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Good immunity is the basis of well-being and beauty. Without immunity, the organism cannot defend itself against external aggressions including diseases. It is the body as a whole and of course also the skin that is thus weakened.

This general weakening results in countless symptoms or manifestations such as dry skin, lack of appetite and weight loss, repeated infections, colds, difficulty healing, fatigue, difficulty concentrating.

Our patented complex combines the absolutely fundamental nutrients that we are very often deficient in to help you maintain your immunity at its optimal level.

Size & Weight: 34,8g - 60 capsules - 20 days supply

Box size: L75xH115xP74,5mm

Dry extract of aerial part of chameleon plant (Houttunya cordata) - glutamine - capsule shell: hypromellose - arginine - soluble acacia fibre - zinc citrate, menaquinone (vitamin K2) - lichen powder (Cladonia rangiferina) titrated in vitamin D3.
3-4 days
Product Code: FVS008ETUI