Ice Facial Massagers

Ice Facial Massagers

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Our CHOK BEAUTY Ice Face Massagers have been developed to depuff and awaken your skin. The extreme cold temperature of these powerful massagers drastically help to firm, tighten, reduce inflammation, enhance dead skin cell exfoliation and strengthen skin.

These cool skincare tools are the latest trend in facial devices, and a favourite of celebs. These hand-held gadgets gently roll over the skin for a cooling effect that calms the skin and increases circulation. All of this without the slippery, frostbitten fingers you'd get from rubbing on ice cubes directly. Let them sit in the freezer overnight, and voilà! 

Ice therapy is known for rejuvenation, targeting pain and inflammation at zero temps.  


  • LESS PUFFINESS & LIFTED EFFECT: Use first thing in the morning after completing your morning skincare.
  • A MORE DEFINED JAW LINE: Massage your whole face, neck, chest and jaw.
  • DEPUFFED EYES: The depuffing benefits are so major.
  • SMALLER LOOKING PORES: It shrinks pores, temporarily! The cold temperature activates shrinkage, making pores look much less noticeable.
  • LONG TERM BENEFITS: With daily use you’ll likely see that your skin is firmer, less red and breaking out less.
  • READY FOR MORE? They work amazing for headaches, soothing sunburn and great for sore muscles.
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