Immunity Complex
Immunity Complex
Immunity Complex
Immunity Complex

Immunity Complex

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Immunity Complex vitamins and minerals with added herbal extracts, probiotics and botanicals. Support overall health, beauty and confidence by looking after your immune system with our specially formulated Immunity Complex.

Combining only the most well absorbed, natural and bioavailable ingredients, and excellent quality, Birch & Wilde Immunity Complex contains all the Vitamins and Minerals essential to maintaining a healthy immunity response and keeping you in overall great health.

As well as this, we have added herbal extracts, botanicals believed to help with immunity, and even a probiotic for gut health and immunity. All in just 2 easy to take daily capsules. Each beautiful bottle contains a 2 month supply, bringing you excellence alongside value when it comes to putting your health first.

High Strength All Natural - 60 Day Supply (120 capsules). 

Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose Vegetarian Capsule Shell, Rosehip 20:1, Extract, Vitamin C Ascorbic Acid, Echinacea 4:1 Extract, Ginger 20:1 Extract, Resveratrol, Grapeseed 120:1 Extract, Citrus Bioflavonoids, Zinc Citrate, Iron Ferrous Fumarate, Vitamin B5 Pantothenic Acid, Copper Gluconate (Cupric Gluconate), Vitamin B9 L5-MTHF (Folate), (Folic Acid), L-Selenomethionine, Vegan Vitamin D3 Cholecalciferol 100,000iu/g, Vitamin B12 Methylcobalamin, Lactobacillus Acidophilus 150B CFU/g
4-7 days
Product Code: IMM01