Bian Stone Gua Sha

Bian Stone Gua Sha

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In Traditional Chinese Medicine, qi is defined as the energy that circulates throughout the body. Normally free-flowing, qi that becomes blocked can spur a variety of health issues such as migraines, muscle tension, swelling, and inflammation. The gua sha tool has been used for centuries to scrape the body where this stagnation occurs, stimulating lymphatic drainage while promoting circulation of blood and energy.

Crafted from precious bian stone, our Gua Sha tool features curved edges to aid in smoothing out the muscle, while its zippered angle can be utilized to massage tighter, compressed knots. With a small bracelet to secure to the wrist, the Gua Sha was designed to be used with ease.

For use on the body, apply soft pressure and gently scrape and/or sweep at an angle in upwards, outwards motions, along the shapes of the muscles from ankles to heart. Use generous amounts of body oil or body wash.

For use on the face, apply a generous amount of Nourishing Oil to clean skin, avoiding the eyes. Press the side of the gua sha tool at an angle along the nose line. Begin sweeping gently along cheekbones, upwards toward the hairline, from brows to the temple and jawline, from the collarbone towards the ear. Sweep softly from the top of the shoulder blade to the back of the skull. Synchronize movements with deep, slow breaths.

Take your time, light up a candle, and employ the Gua Sha as a grounding, daily self care ritual. With regular use it will encourage visible results, promoting full body radiance throughout these busy, challenging times
100% Bian Stone
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