For Retailers

Looking for the best new and trending indie beauty brands to stock? Our wholesale marketplace for independent beauty brands offers everything you need to get into the beauty business.

Why use Curate Beauty? 

We’re reinventing beauty wholesale by connecting more independent beauty brands with like-minded retailers. We help retailers discover and shop from an innovative selection of unique beauty brands all in one place, at your convenience. We know how busy you are, which is why we’ve created the perfect platform to enable easy discovery, time-saving checkouts and payment plans that work for you. 

There’s no sign up fee to join Curate Beauty, and we offer fantastic cross-marketing and consultancy services. For more information click here

What’s the sign up process? 

  1. Make an account by registering as a retailer here
  2. You’ll receive an email confirmation once your account has been approved.
  3. Some brands will be available to purchase straight away, you’ll find them in the Buy Now Brands Curated Collection. Others will require approval before purchase. 

What are Requested Brands?

When clicking on a product you’re interested in you might see ‘Request Access’ in place of ‘Add To Basket’. This means the brand requires approval of all stockists before accepting an order. 

How do I request a brand I want to stock?

Simply click on the ‘Request Access’ box and fill in the details required. Once your offer has been accepted (you will be notified by email) you’ll then be free to buy anything from that brands offering. 

only need to select one product from each brand to be able to request the entire offering from the brand, for all future orders.