For Brands

Looking for new stockists and the buyers who might be interested in buying your product for their retail spaces?

Why use Curate Beauty? 

Let’s face it, finding new stockists can be time consuming and expensive, especially when targeting the smaller, niche independent retailers. Join Curate Beauty and gain exposure to more stockists and new opportunities without having to find the right contact, pitch your brand or wait months for approval.

What’s the sign up process? 

  1. Register your interest in selling on Curate Beauty by filling in this form.
  2. Once approved you will be sent simple onboarding instructions so that you can build your storefront and product assortment through the marketplace portal.
  3. Keep product offerings fresh and inventory feeds updated so retailers will know what is available to purchase.

More on site benefits: 

  • Stay in control of who stocks your brand by opting to be a ‘Requested Brand’, so you can approve stockists before they purchase.

  • Our flexible payment terms encourage high conversion rates, meaning you can expect increased sales without sacrificing certainty of payment. 

  • High performing brands will be given additional coverage on the site, including on site banners and inclusion in our Curated Collections. 

  • Through our consultancy packages we can offer different degrees of shared insights and analysis, as well as on-site promotion. 

  • Planning a trip away and won’t be able to fulfil orders? Set your page to ‘Vacation Mode’ to notify retailers of your status.