We have no doubts you will have endless questions for us, here's a helping hand in getting started...

Requesting Brands 

How do I request a brand I want to stock?

If you’ve clicked on a product and a black ‘Request Access’ box appears under the quantity, this means you will have to request this brand before purchasing. Simply click on the ‘Request Access’ box and fill in the details required. 

I’ve ‘requested’ a brand, how long will it take for a brand to accept or reject me as a Retailer? 

Beauty brands have 24 hours to approve retailers, after this period if you have not received an email please contact us at hello@curate-beauty.com.

What happens when a brand accepts my offer? 

You will receive an email notification, which will link you back to the site to complete your order. Remember, you will only need to request one product from a brand to enable access to the full product selection. You also will only need to request a brand once to enable buying from this brand moving forward.  

What happens if a brand rejects my offer? 

The rejection period is three months. If after three months you would like to request the brand again, you can do so. 

Pricing and Payments 

Will wholesale prices be set by Curate Beauty and/or each beauty brand? 

Wholesale prices have been set by each brand, and will give you a 40% margin.

What commission do Curate Beauty take? 

Nothing! Enter ONTHEHOUSE at checkout and you will be charge 0% commission on all orders.

What payment plans are available for buying stock?

We are working with a payment processor called SplitIt to enable costs to be spread over three months. Using SplitIt you can choose to pay in up to 3 instalments with zero interest. All transactions must be paid on a credit card, transaction fees will apply. For more information on SplitIt click here. 

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping charges to UK retailers are covered by the beauty brands, International shipping will depend on the order placed. 

Post order FAQs 

I’m an online retailer and would like the assets (images and descriptions) for my website. How can I gain access to these materials?

How can I track the status of my orders?  

Tracking information will come through by email once the order has been shipped.

What if my products have arrived damaged or in an unsellable condition?

Any damages or losses must be raised to Curate Beauty within 48 hours of receiving stock. A packing list is required with every delivery, so please check you have the correct units, and that all products appear in a sellable condition. 

Can we get in touch with the beauty brands we’re selling to arrange marketing promotions? 

All marketing enquiries need to come through the Curate Beauty team, please contact us for more information. 

Can I discount the products that I will be stocking? 

Please check each beauty brands’ ‘Policy’ before discounting stock. Penalties may occur if you discount stock without approval. 

What happens if I need to cancel an order? 

Cancellations need to be made within an hour of placing an order. Please contact us quoting your order reference number, for assistance. 

What happens if I need to change an order that’s already been processed? 

You have one hour to make amends to your order. Please contact us quoting your order reference number, for assistance.

Can I request unique product descriptions for the stock I’ve ordered? 

Sign up to our consultancy packages and we will write bespoke product descriptions exclusively for your website. Contact us for more information. 

Can I sell my products onto third parties such as eBay and Amazon?

No, it is strictly forbidden for any beauty brands bought on Curate Beauty to be sold onto third party websites. If you are working with affiliate websites, approval from beauty brands is required. Penalties will incur if any retailer is found selling on third party sites. 
Can I purchase from Curate Beauty if I’m based outside the UK? 
Yes you can! Shipping, customs, and duties charges will apply.

Will international duties and custom chargers apply? 

Orders coming into the UK from an overseas location could require customs clearance. While beauty brands will provide the appropriate documentation on the shipment to encourage clearance, ultimately, the customs agency will inspect the package and decide whether duties or taxes need to be paid based on the order value and impacted product categories.  If duties or taxes are owed, you will be contacted by the shipping carrier or the customs agency to arrange direct payment. Please feel free to contact Curate Beauty directly to help provide any required information to clear the package.