About Us

We’re reimagining beauty buying for today’s digital world and enabling all retailers to discover and buy the next generation of beauty brands, all in one place.


Curate Beauty was born out of the frustrations that our founder, Samantha Freedman, had first hand, when it came to buying beauty. Having started her career as a beauty journalist, Sam left to consult for retailers who were interested in adding beauty into the retail spaces. 

All these retailers had one thing in common, they were striving for a lifestyle feel and to elevate their product offering but, finding brands to stock and signing them up to sell, took weeks!

Being at the forefront of trends, Sam saw the rise in independently owned brands, she knew that consumers were drawn to these new-gen brands thanks to their passion, purpose and positive impact. And these indie brands were also looking for new partnerships and stockists, so it made perfect sense to marry the two!

Curate Beauty streamlines retailers being able to browse the very best in indie beauty and shop from them, all in one place at wholesale prices. It also enables independently owned brands to meet new stockists, building brand awareness and of course boosting sales.

 Since our launch in February 2020, we have grown our network to over 280 indie brands and over 950 retailers. If you’re looking to join a marketplace that is filled with brilliant brands and passionate retailers, sign up with us today!

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