About Us

We are reimagining the beauty buying wholesale model for today's digital world.


Using our unique wholesale marketplace platform, retailers can seamlessly enter the £30 billion beauty market without the time and resources traditionally needed to discover new brands, curate a product selection, and coordinate contracts and delivery.

Retailers gain access to our curated selection of independent beauty brands and stress-free buying whilst the brands gain enhanced visibility and increased scaling opportunity by reaching a number of stockists and commercial partners all in one place.

Buying with us is simple, Retailers can purchase multiple brands with just one checkout, then finish their order by paying for stock using our flexible payment processor. This enables payments to be spread over a three month period, helping with cash flow. 

We also have a seamless integration function to enable Retailers to move all of the important information like product descriptions, ingredients lists, prices and images on items bought, from our site directly to theirs.

Award winning beauty journalist Samantha Freedman and luxury retail specialist Margot Vitale have used their industry experience and modern sensibility to revolutionise the buying process. Every aspect of the platform has been built for maximum efficiency and ease.

A note from our founders: 


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