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There is a reason that our Eye Wand has been called a "game changer", "a spa-day for my eyes" and "the favourite part of my day" by Beauty Editors and our customers alike. It is the ultimate at-home treat, not just a treatment, for dry, tired eyes.

Our innovative device works on both the inside and the outside of your eyes to leave them soothed, sparkling and rejuvenated.

You can control the heat of the wand and set it between 37C and 45C - the heat stimulates the tiny glands that line your upper and lower eye lid to work more effectively - helping your eyes to create better quality tears and naturally hydrate themselves. This will help relieve dry eyes and that tired, red, itchy, gritty feeling you get after a long day of staring at a screen. The red LED light works to stimulate collagen and elastin around your eye area to reduce the appearance of fine lines. The Eye Wand also gently vibrates to not only increase the absorption of your skincare products but also help with lymphatic drainage around your eye area. This gentle massage can help with puffiness both under your eyes and on your upper eye lid.

As a bonus it can also be used on smile lines with the same effect!


+ Heated head (control for heat between 37C and 45C) to stimulate your eyes to better hydrate themselves and reduce feelings of dryness, tiredness, redness and itchiness - especially after starting at a screen all day.

+ Gentle massage head promotes lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness.

+ Red LED light help stimulate collagen and elastin production for smoother under eye area.

+ You can use all features at the same time or turn the LED light and massage on or off.

+ All the features also increase the absorption and efficacy of your existing eye cream products.


Start by applying your favourite eye cream or use our Soothing Coconut Eye Balm (specifically designed to work with our wand) to give the wand extra slip and improve the absorption of your products.

1. Turn the wand on with a short press of the on/off button.

Select your temperature setting. Give the wand 1 minute to heat up to full temperature.

2. Select your setting preferences (use all three features at once, or choose to use only the LED light or massage alone).

3. Start at the inner corner of your eye and slowly run the wand underneath your lash line. Working your way to the other corner of your eye. For best results spend 10 seconds per one pass from inner to outer corner. Repeat the motion from inner to outer corner for at least 60 seconds.

4. Repeat step 3 on your upper eyelid - again, for best results move the wand slowly and only from inner conner to outer corner.

5. Repeat on your other eye.

6. Turn off by holding the on/off button down.

Recharge as required using the USB cable (included). Charge should last for 10 hours (1 month) - this may vary depending on time spent using the device and storage conditions.

Zinc, alloy, plastic
7 days
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