Nail Polish - Bubblegum
Nail Polish - Bubblegum

Nail Polish - Bubblegum

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This shade is all about pink pink pink! An unconventional rosy hue for the modern day pink lady.


FORMULATION. Purity level never achieved before: • Up to 85% bio-sourced from ingredients such as potato, corn, wheat and manioc. • No styrene, but preserving the high shine performance. • Specific bio-sourced plasticizer system. Specific adipic polyester resin to ensure long lasting wear and very intense gloss. • Doesn’t contain added toluene, formaldehyde or camphor. • Selection of finest raw materials Standard PF 07.00 •In-lab formulation control standard PF 07.001. • Manufactured in a state-of-the-art, eco friendly and. officially licensed site. • No animal- derived ingredients
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