Cell Renewal Night Repair Serum
Cell Renewal Night Repair Serum

Cell Renewal Night Repair Serum

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The cell renewal serum is part of the Beauté de la nuit collection of luxury night repair serums designed to work on a dermal and mindful level, repairing the skin and elevating the senses. Jojobas' s natural healing properties combined with Tunisian neroli's regenerative properties reduce the appearance of  scars and age spots. The antioxidants in the serum help the body produce collagen which improves skin tone, minimising the appearance of hyperpigmentation, whilst the natural vitamin C reverses the damage from free radicals, for an instantly brighter skin. The night serum works like a wax, although easily absorbed into the skin, it creates a soothing seal on the surface, regulating the sebum production and repairing the skin. The serum's powerful skin-reviving properties and uplifting scents helps accelerate the complexion to radiant health, leaving the skin glowing and the mind energised. 


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