Retailer Review: Health & Her

This week, we interviewed Gervase Fay, founder of Health & Her - the female health hub for women experience life-impacting symptoms of menopause. Read on to find out more about their company and what makes a brand stand out to them... 
What gives Health & Her their USP?
Health & Her is a market-leading female health hub for the millions of women experiencing life-impacting symptoms of menopause. Our USP is the way we think about managing symptoms providing a wide range of innovative products alongside expert information to help mitigate physical, psychological and social effects of menopause.  Our unique symptom tool allows women to tailor advice and products to their individual symptoms.

Who is the site aimed at?
Women going through any female health issues, we cover symptoms from painful periods through to sleeping issues.

What is your longterm vision for the company?
To be known as a source of leading information, forward thinking innovation and helping to break the taboo of this area. We believe all women should have access to expert information, and understand how their bodies work and find the right solutions for them.

What key attributes are you looking for when you buy new brands?
There are three questions we ask ourselves before shortlisting every product: Does it work? Would we use it ourselves? Which version of this product gives best results for money spent?

Once the product has made the shortlist, we also look into other important factors to make the final decision on which products appear in the Health & Her shop. These include independent reviews – what are women saying about it? Is it natural, and where possible – organic? Does it exceed all relevant certifications and safety standards? Is it responsibly manufactured and shipped? What can brands expect when they partner with you?
We work in a very straightforward way, after agreeing on the range, and going through the set up process we test products on the site and within 8 weeks will assess if the customer feedback is good and whether its one for us to take forward permanently in the range. For us, the customer feedback is the clincher. With brands we work quickly and swiftly, linking our social teams directly, and looking to add content and richness for the customer, be that with an article from a formulator or a live q and a with a brand - even through to making sure we have enough images of the product.

How has business changed for you since COVID-19, are you changing anything moving forward as a result?
Covid helped customers get more comfortable with buying supplements online, we saw customers spending more time on the site and investing in their knowledge. As expected Sleep, Stress and Anxiety were all high on the customers list to solve during this time and there was an increase in sales all across our wellness ranges from meditation guides, essential oils to sleep products
Going forward we will continue to expand these ranges and innovate.

What categories will you be concentrating on over the next few months and why?
Sleep for sure as its so key to all women, we continue to look for innovation across all our categories and focus on where we are seeing new thinking

What’s next for Health & Her?
We are just launching an App to help women manage their symptoms