About our Curate Collective talks

The Curate Collective was introduced to bring our community of beauty brands and retailers bi-weekly seminars from some of the industry's best experts and insiders to help boost their business. 

Whether you're lacking in certain skills, running your business solo or just looking for a community to share insights, tech and tools with, each hourly session provides a presentation and Q&A.

Our Curate Collective talks have covered everything from Social Media 101 and email marketing, to how to scale a brand successfully and how to get the attention of the press and media.

Below we've highlighted all of our previous Curate Collective talks, available to watch back on recording, so get in touch if you'd like access to our recordings! Plus, we're always open to suggestions from you for what you'd like to learn about next, so if you have a topic in mind or someone you'd like to hear from, email us at hello@curate-beauty.com

To keep up to date with our next Curate Collective talks, sign up to our newsletter here. If you'd like to host a Curate Collective talk as one of our speakers, please drop us an email at  hello@curate-beauty.com.