Inside Our Organic Beauty Curated Collection

The demand for organic beauty and lifestyle products is increasing as more people are trying to live in a more eco-conscious way. According to the Soil Association, 92% of people that buy organic beauty feel they are doing the right thing or making a positive choice. So, to celebrate Organic September, we’ve put together a curated selection of our some of our organic products available on Curate Beauty. 

We want to be transparent when it comes to organic, so while many of our brands do use organic ingredients, we will always be clear whether or not the products below have the Soil Association Certification.

Ancient + Brave Coffee + Collagen
This groundbreaking product combines delicious Brazilian ground coffee with nourishing hydrolysed collagen peptides. The Soil Association certified organic blend works to support digestive function, boost energy and improve focus, elevating your morning cup of coffee into a health-boosting wellness ritual.

&SISTERS Paper Wrapped Naked Tampons 
&SISTERS is the feminine care brand with a conscience. They aim to make products that are better for the body and planet, and their Paper Wrapped Naked Tampons are a perfect example of this! The tampons are totally plastic-free, and are made from Soil Association certified organic cotton fibres and cotton thread.

Earth To You London Organic Repair Balm to Heal & Moisturise
This nourishing formula captures the highly nutritious essence of St. John’s Wort and infuses it in organic olive oil, blended with essential oils. The result is a non-greasy balm that is perfect for everyday use, but also can add a hit of hydration to dry or inflamed skin when needed.

TRUE Skincare Certified Organic Rehydrating Rosehip & Rosemary Facial Oil 
Made with 100% Soil Association certified organic ingredients, the hydrating blend of oils is rich in vitamin A and antioxidants, working to lock in moisture and leave a clear complexion. Say hello to an effective formula that doesn’t compromise on design or sustainability.


Good Boom Bloody Captain Orange Lip Balm
All of Good Boom’s products are organic, vegan, fair trade and produced entirely with renewable energy - what’s not to love? We particularly love the Bloody Captain Orange Lip Balm, which contains African Mongongo oil to effectively moisturise lips (while tasting delicious!).


This refreshing bodywash uses bergamot and black pepper to fortify and enliven both your senses and your shower routine. This organic formula takes its name and inspiration from the beautiful landscape and language of Norfolk, where all of Sop’s products are made and bottled.


The health-boosting properties of turmeric are well-documented, and this is a perfect way to work this potent ingredient into your daily routine. Add just one teaspoon of the organic powder to any juice, smoothie or meal to get a dose of vital nutrients that contribute to overall wellbeing.


Give your nails and cuticles a bit of TLC with a 100% organic formula, which boasts a blend of ten precious oils including Sweet Almond, Borage, Hemp and Hazelnut. Designed to nourish and hydrate the nails and surrounding skin, the oil encourages the growth of healthy, strong nails with regular use.


Continue to care for your hands with Under Your Skin’s nourishing formula. Inspired by the idea that what goes we put on our skin eventually ends up under it, this antioxidant-rich cream hydrates and provides care for hands every day. A natural, vegan and organic formulation without unnecessary chemicals.

This light bodied oil helps to nourish and replenish skin, without feeling heavy or greasy. The organic formula is packed with nutrient-rich ingredients, containing oil-soluble vitamin C as well as vitamins A, D, E and K. One of EVOLUE Skincare’s best selling products, the serum would make a great addition to any skincare routine.
Words: Emilia Henson