Inside Our Curated Collection: Mood-Boosting Beauty

The year of 2020 has no doubt been hellish for everyone, so we thought we'd do our best to pick up everyone's spirits and create a Mood-Boosting Curated Collection that's filled with the ultimate feel-good products. Read on to discover some of our top picks that will make for the perfect addition to your space through these cold winter months.


Kalmar Joy Energise Body Lotion

This super-lightweight and silky body lotion is jam-packed with ingredients that evokes feelings of - you guessed it - joy. Cleansing lemon, energising ginger and uplifting jasmine are the perfect combination to start your day right.


Holistic London Relax & Sleep Bath Salts

Stressed, anxious or overwhelmed? There's nothing like a hot bath to soothe and relax your body and mind. Enter our best-selling bath salts from Holistic London that's made with Epsom and pink Himalayan salts, blended with the essential oils of lavender, neroli and chamomile to set the mood.


Ripple Boost Aromatic Diffuser

Why not try a plant-powered alternative to boost your mood? With Ripple's botanical blends and zero-nicotine formulas you can uplift yourself with functional plant extracts of green tea and maca for a natural pop of vim. Blended with a lychee aroma it’s a pure and organic way to give yourself that extra boost.



ilapothecary Beat the Blues Room Spray

A quick-fix to enlighten your emotions, this room spray creates a calming and uplifting atmosphere with its happiness-inducing oils. Clary sage and rose geranium restore peace and harmony, while tuberose and petitgrain calm the mind.


a+FFIRMATION culture High Vibes Affirmation Candle

As the name suggests, this candles gives you all the good-vibes, to see you through a busy day. Zesty citrus from orange, lemon and lime blend with reviving spearmint for the ultimate feel-good scent. Plus, each candle comes with an affirmation card to keep and repeat, as after all - it all starts with a happy mind.



Palm of Feronia Energise Aromatherapy Pulse Oil

These travel-friendly roller balls of aromatherapeutic oils are the perfect on-the-go companion to soothe, calm, re-energise and centre your mind, body and soul. A great way to help promote good energy and self-love. 



This is sunshine in a balm. The all-natural blend of uplifting grapefruit, citrus and mint blend to deliver an instant burst of positivity whenever you need it.

Want to improve your health, mood and energy levels from the inside out? These slow-release adhesive skin patches provide up to 24 hours of continuous B12 supplementation, delivered directly into the bloodstream. 

Looking for more? To discover more mood-boosting beauty, check out our Curated Collection here.