Inside Our Conscious Beauty Curated Collection

Conscious Beauty is one of our most popular and ever-growing Curated Collections. But with terms often flung around such as 'clean' and 'green' it can definitely be a tricky category to navigate. So we’ve created this collection which features products that lead with sustainability, have natural or organic ingredients, use eco-friendly packaging or any products that - you guessed it - are conscious of how they’re made and the carbon footprint they leave. Read on to discover some of the heroes you can find in our Conscious Beauty Curated Collection.

We love this multi-tasking cream-to-powder blush that gives quick and easy looks with just a few swipes. Using 100% natural, vegan and gluten-free ingredients, the super blend-able blush comes in four colours to offer a range that suits all skin tones, adding a hint of colour and lots of glow.

When it comes to baby care, keeping the ingredients clean and kind are important to lots of parents. This gentle bath gel from new brand Skin Sapiens only has 11 ingredients, so you know exactly what's going on your babies skin. The formula is unscented, vegan and made with natural ingredients.

Canada-based brand Luna Nectar’s cult lash serum has been slow-poured into bamboo tubes crafted specially by a fair trade manufacturer, and uses recycled paper for all their packaging. The silky nourishing elixir helps lash and brow growth, by acting as a lash strengthener for thicker and fuller lashes.  And of course, it’s 100% natural and vegan too.

If you’re looking for a new shampoo and conditioner for your changing rooms or bathrooms that is clean, vegan, luxurious and unisex, look no further than Gloss Moderne’s duo of shampoo and conditioner. The minimalist design and natural ingredients, paired with the fact their formulas actually works, makes it a great addition to any shower routine.

Elevate your sexual wellness offering with these ultra-thin, vegan, clean-scented and biodegradable condoms that are made of a natural latex that decompose after three months. The discrete packaging was designed by women for women, to make them feel good and unashamed of buying condoms, for a great experience right from the store to the sheets.

Berlin-born brand Girl Smells uses pure ingredients in their roll-on natural deodorant that works and is free from nasties such as aluminium and alcohol. The bathroom #shelfie approved deodorant comes in five delicious scents to neutralise odour without affecting the skin’s natural detoxifying process.

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