Inside Our BAME Beauty Curated Collection

We are committed to supporting and elevating the voices of black and minority founders here at Curate Beauty, which is why we found it paramount to launch our BAME Beauty Curated Collection. Inside you’ll find a brilliant assortment of brands founded by and specifically for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnicities. This collection is designed to help retailers stock products that support inclusivity and anti-racism, and elevate these brilliant brands with the visibility they deserve. Please meet some of our brands…

Not all curly hair is made the same, which is why Vanessa, the founder of The Wild Curl set out to create this 100% natural, cruelty-free and vegan haircare range, designed to tackle all types of curls - from kinky to wavy to curly to afro! “As an owner of a fluffy afro, I know how hard it can be sometimes to handle and style your curls,” explains Vanessa. All of their products are designed and handmade in London and their Curly Hair Oil is packed with nourishing oils like coconut and avocado to put the bounce back in corkscrews.

Supernova Living Man

Created by professional footballer Jermaine Beckford and his wife Laura, Supernova Life Powders became an integral part of Jermaine’s training programme as it gave him the nutrients, vitamins, minerals and adaptogens to not only improve his body, but to boost his metabolism and ability to perform on the pitch as well. Sprinkle the powder into smoothies or over porridge - it’s the ultimate supplement for your body to thrive during hectic life changes.

Sofia developed a range of award-winning vegan and effective skin elixirs after having struggled with her own stress-induced eczema. “I started to research and find oils which could help me tackle issues specific to South Asian/Indian skin, which wasn’t being catered for in the 90s or even now. Unfortunately, nothing matched or worked, so instead I made my own skin look better.” Her 100% pure nut, seed, and flower oils, have all been selected for their nourishing, regenerating, and anti-inflammatory powers that not only caters to Asian skin, but all skin tones.

Kyle Frank began his quest for great skin after having suffered from cystic acne for years. Professional skincare advice led him down the road of harsh products and acne medication that never worked, but instead left irritation and harsh side effects. Through his own research Kyle began formulating raw, natural and organic ingredients into a full range of products designed to cater to those suffering with acne or scarring who wanted an all-natural solution. The hero product, the Ultimate Detox Face Mask, contains activated charcoal made from coconut shells instead of standard coal, making it cleaner for the environment and the skin.

Born and raised on the Caribbean island of St Lucia, Theresa, the founder of Skin Alchemist Apothecary, comes from a family of herbalists. Harnessing the medicinal power of plants to treat ailments and skin conditions is in her DNA. After migrating to London, her skin and health fell victim to the negative effects of a fast-paced city life, air pollution and processed food. Multi-tasking products were key to stabilising her busy routine which is why each of the products come with more than one benefit. “I wanted the Humble Warrior to be multifunctional. It is intentionally formulated to be used as hair and scalp therapy, a massage oil, after bath or shower oil, cuticle oil, after sun care and beard oil as well as being an incredible cleanser,” says Theresa.

Frustrated with synthetic liquid soaps and shower gels that stripped her skin of its natural oils, Amina started to search for a natural, luxurious alternative that was in balance with her skin and her principals. Unable to find the eco-gentle, botanical rich formula she was looking for, Amina came up with the idea for Fysha – luxurious, nourishing, natural soaps made in harmony with nature. The uplifting aroma of rose geranium essential oil and the detoxing and exfoliating benefits of French Red Clay found in this soap leave skin deeply cleansed, completely pampered and absolutely glowing.

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