Founder Facts: Supernova Living

This week's Founder Facts is with Laura Beckford of Supernova Living, the wellness brand that encourages a healthier and happier lifestyle. 

Tell us about your and Jermaine’s journey to starting Supernova Living?
It began when Jermaine was feeling lethargic, had stomach problems and didn’t feel good after training. We discovered it was the high sugar, chemical-laden protein shakes he was being given twice a day at his football club. So we started putting together all the superfoods, herbs, medicinal mushrooms and plant protein - instead of whey and creatine - and his symptoms disappeared. Not only that, but his statistics also went through the roof. No bloating, more focus, stamina, endurance, energy and better recovery times. We knew we had to offer the blend to others when the other players were secretly asking for it in the changing rooms after seeing his statistics!!

The WOMAN 01 was a natural development as a busy working mother myself, I wanted more energy, immunity, hormone balancing, focus, gut health etc. So we started researching exactly what women wanted and needed and made a powder to tick all the boxes!
What makes Supernova Living stand out to other supplement brands?
The quality is second to none which I know because of the hundreds of hours we have tirelessly spent bombarding suppliers for their certifications and proof of processing. We've ensured the powders and ingredients aren’t isolated with chemicals, as most others are. There’s no GMO, the ingredients are organic, so no pesticides or herbicides have been used. We take the powders every day so we had to be reassured they’re super pure.

Secondly, they’re powerful. I didn’t want to add ingredients, just for the name or sake of it. The majority of adaptogens are in therapeutic levels, we work with a Naturopathic Nutritionist to ensure they have a significant effect on the body, for instance, the level of ashwagandha used has been proven in scientific studies to reduce stress by up to 70%.

Another priority was to make Ayurvedic herbs, alternative health, veganism and wellness more modern. I still feel it can have a ‘hippy’ connotation. The perception is definitely changing and we wanted to be part of that. Jermaine was ridiculed at football for initially not eating meat but not when he was faster, felt lighter and scoring more goals!!
Adapotogens are now becoming hot property and they can be found within your powders - can you explain to us what they are and why we need them?
Adaptogens are a series of non toxic plants that work with your internal systems to resist stressors - chemical, physical or biological. They work with the HPA (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal) axis to reduce stress, enabling it to work as efficiently as possible. 

Our blends are effectively a ‘personalised’ wellness powder, as the adaptogens recognise where your body is out of balance and work to rectify it. They aren't necessarily new, adapotgens have been used for thousands of years, we’re just bringing them to the forefront of today's modern society.
The supplement and fitness space is constantly growing, how do you see the company evoling?
We’re a complete wellness company, Supernova Living is a lifestyle. It’s not about just taking a powder, we want everyone to raise their vibration and feel elevated so they can live in balance and with passion. Therefore we will be developing products and services in other genres that will assist with this. We will also be more readily available throughout the UK, Europe and America in the coming years. 


How important is sustainability to your brand?
We consciously don’t use the plastic pouches that all other supplement brands are using and have never included plastic scoops. Our coconut wood scoop is hand-carved and makes use of coconut shells which otherwise would be thrown away. All the materials we use are recyclable and we are working hard to source ingredients closer to home. 
What types of stores stock Supernova? 
We’re currently stocked in Selfridges, As Nature Intended, many independent health stores, high-end gyms, cafes and health clubs, Amazon and through our own website. 
What area would you like to see the brand in or grow into?
We are moving towards holistic health and wellness. Developing products that allow your body to optimise itself naturally to prevent illness and bring balance to people’s lives. Working with spas and making Supernova Life Powders more accessible in cafes and on restaurant menus as an alternative to coffee or a juice but with masses of health benefits. 
What can retailers expect when they stock Supernova? 
We do have a sampling team who are very educated on the product, we like to speak to customers and get their real feedback so we can continually grow and evolve. Both Jermaine and I are very hands on, we like to visit stockists personally wherever possible. Whenever we have sampled in stores such as Planet Organic or As Nature Intended we always sell out as soon as people try and learn about them. We’re focused on supporting all stockists in any way we can, whether that is social promotion, blog articles, giveaways, interviews, in-store promotions. We want to work together to succeed.
What’s the biggest myth you’d like to bust about taking protein powders?
Protein is not just for those who hit the gym every day! Protein is necessary for making hormones, enzymes, to repair tissues and for health hair and nails. It’s great to keep you fuller for longer and to stop you snacking on high sugar, processed foods.
What has been the biggest triumph since starting Supernova Living (this can be press mentions, partnerships or exciting developments)?
The testimonials are genuinely incredible and not something we expected. People's depression and anxiety have disappeared, they’ve left the house for the first time in months after taking it. PMS has disappeared, hair has grown back, digestive problems reduced dramatically. These are the reasons we stay motivated and excited about our brand. 
Lastly, can you share your favourite go-to recipe?
We designed Supernova to simplify your supplementation. We all lead such busy lives, we want you to be able to add a scoop of the WOMAN 01 or MAN 02 into milk and go in seconds. 

My personal favourite is ice cold hazelnut milk with one scoop of WOMAN 01. It never fails to excite me and energise me. Every morning on the school run. We have some wonderful recipes on our Instagram from puffed quinoa bites, smoothie bowls and chia pudding with ‘ice cream.’ 

To shop Supernova Living, browse their brand page here.