Founder Facts: MG Skincare

This week, we speak to Manuel Guerra, founder of MG Skincare, the results-driven, vegan and plant-based skincare line. 

Tell us about yourself and the journey to starting MG Skincare? 
I came to the UK in summer 1999 to learn English and I ended up staying all these years. I wanted to learn about skincare because I suffered from severe acne, and I've always had a passion for skincare and treatments. In 2003 I studied skincare therapy, got my first job in Brighton while training, and then in 2006 moved to Dermalogica which is where I learnt everything about skincare, from facial massage techniques to ingredients. I met my business partner in 2016 and we decided to open a retail shop and treatment rooms.

What is the first thing you tell people about your brand?
We are a botanical results-driven skincare line, made in London by an independent lab. Our products are designed by a professional skincare therapist which we use in all our treatments. We also want to be affordable for everyone - we want to see our clients buying our products every four weeks.

How do you think your background as a therapist influences your products?
Being a therapist helps us to understand the ingredients and the way we want the products to be formulated. Some people love that there is a professional recommendation attached to the products.

What can retailers expect when they stock MG Skincare?
We're reliable, confidential and fast when sending the stocks to their business. In terms of their customers, they will see effective results, great products with great textures.

What types of stores stock  MG Skincare? What area would you like to see the brand in or grow into?
We would like to stock MG in local retail shops, spas and clinics, and health stores. 

Eventually, I'd like to have five flagship stores across London, in Kensington, Chelsea, Fulham, Hampstead and Bermondsey. We'd like to keep Tower Bridge as a training school for our therapists and retailers. Our goal is to be the next destination for healthy, glowing skin and affordable treatments and products for everyone to enjoy. 

What do you love most about being a business owner in the beauty industry? 
I love giving treatments to my clients and when they see results. It's rewarding to see my regular clients coming back for more, or when they recommend us to friends and family. I love designing my next new products, and also buying from my suppliers.

What has been the biggest achievement since starting MG Skincare? 
Our biggest achievement was the opening of our new location in Tower Bridge. For me it's important to keep dreaming big – being happy and positive thinking, at all times but especially in these tough times for businesses. 

What is next for MG Skincare?
We are collaborating with the makeup artist to rent our shop - performing makeup & skincare masterclasses, so if you have any makeup artist friends that want to collaborate with us, please send them my way. 

We are formulating a primer and a BB cream too!

To shop MG Skincare, visit their brand page here.