Founder Facts: Kollo

Founded by friends Natasha Whiting and Jenni Falconer, Kollo Health is the new collagen supplement to land on Curate Beauty. This week, we spoke to co-founder and radio/TV presenter Jenni Falconer to discover the benefits of their wonder product, and how the positive impact it's made on her beauty and health routine.

Tell us about yourself and the story behind creating Kollo?
J: As a keen runner, I was recommended collagen supplements when I signed up for my first marathon as a way to help protect the joints, bones and cartilage. That was in 2009. Ever since, it’s just standard practice for me to make sure I supplement my runs with collagen as it also really helps with muscle recovery.

My husband, Tash and I were all chatting about running and collagen one day and I said I just always take it but have never found the dream brand, so they suggested we make it ourselves. I laughed but then quickly realised they were serious. Together we have developed the product I want to take! We launched it in April this year and it’s been going really well!

What makes Kollo stand out to other supplement/collagen brands?
Kollo has the added advantage of having a mixture of Vitamins B1, B5, B6 and B12, vitamin C as well as L-lysine, and it is clinically proven. We also wanted to create a subscription model as we recognise there are long term benefits to taking the supplement over a sustained period of time. 

What do you look for in your stockists and what values are important to you?
Everything we do is UK based. We are made in the UK, shipped from the UK, and we are proud to work with some brilliant businesses.

Do you have any upcoming projects you’re working on? Will there be anything new coming to you?
Well we are working on a really exciting second product, which we can’t reveal at the moment - watch this space!

What types of stores stock Kollo? What area would you like to see the brand in or grow into?
We can be found in a couple of independent health and wellness shops, but our main point of sale is our website, it’s all online:

What has been the biggest triumph since starting Kollo?
The customer feedback and incredible results - people say that it helps with aching joints, and many more have commented on how any skin issues have cleared since using the product which is amazing to hear.

Your background is in media but what do you love about having your own business and working in the beauty industry?
Well I have always loved beauty and wellness, and much like many others out there, I take pride in looking after my skin and my health and have always looked out for new products to try. So it’s very exciting to have a product which has so many incredible benefits and can help others.

To shop Kollo, visit their brand page here and follow their journey on Instagram.