Founder Facts: Flexi Skin London

This week, we speak to Gilly Potter, Founder of Flexi Skin London, the facial tool brand that gives professional level results.


Tell us about yourself!
Flexi Skin London is a range of at home skincare tools designed to mimic results seen in professional level facials and help you feel great in your own skin. The brand was founded by Gilly Potter, owner of North London’s skin and beauty specialist spa Angelica Retreat. After seeing the joy and confidence clients felt after having their monthly facials at the spa, Gilly set out on a mission - to provide her clients with a method of keeping up their skincare routine at home, and maintaining the incredible results they saw from their professional treatments.

Self-care is a growing category - how do you think you fit into this and have you seen a change in people’s approach to facial massage from just an anti-ageing tool to wellness?
Flexi uses facial massage and lymphatic drainage as one of their core principles as it’s such an easy and quick way to improve the look of your skin, as well as your wellbeing! We all live such fast paced, hectic and at times stressful lives so spending an extra 10 minutes on your skincare routine by including massage tools can really help to lower your cortisol levels and bring some calmness into the everyday. Stress is also terrible for your skin, and we believe self care and relaxation tools will continue to grow hugely over the next 5 years. 

What makes Flexi London stand out? 
Flexi is a female-launched, tried and tested brand. All of our tools are based on techniques which we’ve used in our London spa and have seen fantastic results from. For example, Microneedling is our most popular facial in the Spa – so we wanted to launch a tool which would allow consumers to practice Microneedling at home in a safe and effective manner due to it being a 0.25mm needle as opposed to 1mm+ used in a Spa.

We only launch skin tools which we’ve rigorously tested and know make an incredible difference into clients’ skincare routines. The skincare market is so saturated and known for it’s fads and trends! We only launch Skin Tools which we believe to have longevity and impact.

Facial rollers, Gua Shas, Micro-needling - who would benefit from using what tool and why
The Roller is great for anyone who suffers from puffy eyes, fluid retention or dullness as it kick starts blood circulation and aids lymphatic drainage meaning that excess fluids and waste products are drained from the face. It’s perfect to use before a big event or even just before starting your day as its suitable for all skin types and leaves you looking fresh and glowing.

 The Sculptor (our Gua Sha) works on a similar principle to the Roller as it also uses Lymphatic Drainage, but it can be used in firmer motions to really swipe across the skin, under the cheekbones and brow bones to stimulate not also the lymph but the facial muscles. Facial muscles need to be worked in order to stay strong and supple, hence why we named the Tool The Sculptor as it really defines and shapes facial contours.

The Microneedler rejuvenates the complexion by creating micro-channels in the top layer of the skin. This increases skin cell turnover, collagen production and encourages the skin to repair and renew, meaning that skin appears plumper with less lines, scarring and pigmentation is reduced, better absorption of topical skincare. Use of the tool also allows for enhanced absorption of your favourite serums and moisturisers. Our 0.25mm Microneedler is completely safe for home use, and totally painless - even for those nervous of needles!

The Cleanser takes your at-home cleansing routine to the next level! The innovative tool uses gentle, silicone bristles that follow the contours of your face and are designed to reach deep into the pores to remove blemish causing impurities such as dirt, oil and make up. This is combined with sonic pulses at high and low frequencies to simultaneously boost blood circulation and restore skin’s firmness and elasticity. Cleansing lotions are enhanced by allowing them to penetrate skin at a deeper level, meaning that clear, glowing skin can be achieved after daily use. 

What are the benefits of rose quartz tools?
Rose Quartz is commonly referred to as the ‘Love Stone’ due to its powerful energy and connection to the heart chakras. The stone is packed full of minerals including magnesium, iron and sodium, helping it to reduce inflammation and support cell renewal.

How has business changed for you with the outbreak of Covid-19? 
Dealing with Covid-19 has been a huge change for us. For the past year 80% of our business has been through our lovely wholesale partners, who have now all closed for lockdown. Luckily, we’ve been fast to adapt to this and in turn have seen our online sales skyrocket through an increase in social media marketing.

We’ve also launched an affiliate scheme for our wholesale partners to allow them to still sell and bring in an income whilst closed by giving their clients a discount code to use on our Flexi e-commerce site, which in turn they earn commission from.

 If anything, Covid-19 is making us all learn new skills and explore different routes to market, which will definitely make our business stronger in the long run!

As a start-up what tech and tools have you used to help you build your business? 
A great accountant is probably the best tool for any small business! We’d be lost without ours. We also love Sage accounting system to keep on top of everything and for their fantastic reporting systems.

 Tech wise – Squarespace is so easy to use and to integrate with e-commerce providers such as Stripe for payment processing.

 It seems an obvious one but really utilising Instagram is such a powerful tool in terms of driving sales. In today’s market, consumers expect fantastic content, imagery and engagement from a brand, so really investing in social media marketing puts you at a great advantage.

You are stocked in spas and clinics around the country with aestheticians using Flexi London, what has made you branch into boutiques and stores? 
When we launched last year our ‘go to’ was spas and clinics as we know Flexi sells so well in that environment from the sales in our own spa. We were then approached by the Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland who quickly became one of our largest wholesale partners as hotel guests were buying the tools as ‘gifting’ options.

We didn’t originally see ourselves in a retail/shop environment, but it’s been fantastic to watch this develop so well! We are now also stocked in yoga/fitness studio’s where the tools sell brilliantly also.

What has been the biggest triumph since starting Flexi London?
Being recognised within the Industry has been incredibly rewarding. The largest trade magazine/events coordinator Professional Beauty has featured us in their magazine and online multiple times and getting that recognition form our peers has been lovely.

 It’s also been such a dream to see Flexi tools in so many spas, shops, hotels and fitness studios which we have always admired! Going to my daily Pilates class and seeing Flexi sold in their large chain of studios is a lovely sight and always makes me feel quite proud.

 To shop from Flexi Skin London head to their brand page here, and be sure to follow them on Instagram to follow their journey.