Founder Facts: ARgENTUM Apothecary

This week, we interviewed Joy Isaacs, the CEO of luxury, award-winning and conscious skincare brand ARgENTUM. Read on to discover more about the wonder healing ingredient that's the base of all products, the ethos behind the brand and find out whether or not your store could be the perfect fit...

Tell us about yourself and the story behind creating your brand?
Growing up in South Africa, my mother always used Colloidal Silver for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and my sister had used it to great effect through a bout of acne.  Although, the pivotal moment came from my experience of having an infection after surgery that only healed when my doctor used silver-impregnated wound dressings. I guess this must have stayed at the back of my mind, but the idea to start my own beauty brand came soon after that experience. I felt inspired to create something unique, an all-encompassing, unisex range of skincare that mixed science with nature.

With help and a vital introduction to a leader in the field of dermo-cosmetics, I went on to establish a luxury range of products that contain our unique patented formula of Silver Hydrosol and DNA HP to deliver ground-breaking science from natural origins, that combines an uplifting spiritual ethos of finding beauty through balance.

What makes Argentum Apothecary stand out to other skincare brands?
At its essence, ARgENTUM  (which means silver in Latin) emits the timeless strength of silver, breaking gender and age boundaries to deliver a 360 degree physical and spiritual experience. Our unique & powerful skincare is anchored around our patented formula of Silver Hydrosol and DNA HP, and this clinically proven combination brings exceptional results to the overall health and beauty of your skin.  As a Positive Luxury brand that has been awarded the Butterfly Mark, our exceptional science does not come at the cost of our ethics, sustainability and naturalness we deliver with every product.

We believe that at the very core of beauty is balance, and it’s only once we have achieved this within ourselves that beauty can truly radiate, and so with every jar of ARgENTUM you will receive one of twelve archetype cards, delivered by chance but always with love.

What do you look for in your stockists and what values are important to you?
As a luxury brand, we look for stockists that can present ARgENTUM in a way that is in line with our own aesthetic and values. As a unisex brand, with products that are suitable for all skin types and ages we are able to focus on many things. We can present our science, our naturalness, or the psychology. We also support our retailers with visuals for online and in-store, creating with their space in mind to seamlessly fit their environment. Our branding can easily accommodate with either a more masculine, modern approach or a feminine illustrative quirkiness.

Can you tell us more about the Archetypes and why this is a part of your brand? What’s the idea/message behind it?
The archetypes are such an important part of ARgENTUM and although I was using them to collectively tell the story of the brand, it was Sam Gray, ARgENTUM’s Creative Director (and my husband!) that first came up with the idea to put one of twelve archetype cards at random with every jar. It was from there that our exploration of 12 become 1 and the pursuit of beauty through balance was born. As our journey unfolds it is this magic that continues to influence and inspire us day to day.

With a sense of fun, the idea is to invite people to draw energy from the imagery and symbolism they see in order to help reflect their subconscious. It is about acknowledging one’s inner beauty by focusing on the archetype messages to inspire balance and harmony within. I love being able to explore this concept through the ARgENTUM archetype cards, and how we can connect with our customers through the psychology of beauty, that allow these magical energies to come together to form one.

Do you have any upcoming projects you’re working on? Will there be anything new coming to you?
New products can take many years of development as we seek only the finest ingredients and materials, and are committed to sourcing these by selecting producers who share ethics close to our heart. We have some wonderful new and exciting things in the pipeline but will continue to keep the range tight as we believe less is more and ensure our products deliver multi-functional value.  We are currently producing skincare accessories with groundbreaking technology and a range of fragrances with a very unique perfume this space!

What types of stores stock Argentum Apothecary? What area would you like to see the brand in or grow into?
ARgENTUM is available in 24 countries through an assortment of online and brick & mortar luxury retailers, boutiques and multi-brand stores.  We look to continue our expansion through big and small retailers as long as they share our aesthetic, ethics and love of beauty.

What has been the biggest triumph since starting ARgENTUM Apothecary?
We have had 10 years of exploration and growth with ARgENTUM and along this journey, we have won many beauty awards, from across the globe for our various products. Although these accolades are flattering, it would have to be our achievement in patenting our unique science in 9 countries and seeing the incredible results of our clinical trials reinforce the belief in the potency and efficacy of our products.

What do you love most about being a business owner in the beauty industry? Do you have any advice for emerging beauty brands? 
For me it is all about creating things of beauty to bring connection, harmony and love to a wider audience.  Being a business owner allows me to fulfil this dream without compromise and I am able to make decisions not just based on the bottom line but because it feels right and will bring much value and good energy into the universe.

I believe passion is the real driver to the success of a brand, without it you will just not have the extra magic and energy to see you through the inevitable ups and downs. It's this belief and awareness in what your brand stands for that allows you to fulfil your dream.
How has your typical working day changed since COVID-19 and how have you had to adapt?
Instead of heading to the office, I now stumble downstairs to a longer working day fuelled by my morning ritual of a homemade cappuccino with oat milk. This new way of working has suited my current situation as I recently had my 4th child and being at home allows me to work in a more relaxed way, bouncing a baby on my knee.  The ARgENTUM office is very close to our home so we regularly make trips there to check on things and have a change of scenery. I believe the way we all work will definitely evolve, and we will be all the more better for it.

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