The Beauty Trends Emerging Post-Pandemic

The global pandemic of 2020 has wrought its effect upon practically every industry, and beauty has been no different, with consumers reevaluating their needs and prioritising their purchases differently. At Curate Beauty, we’ve seen a marked effect on their buying habits. Read on for a curated selection of the trends and products that have seen a surge in demand over the past few months, and invest in the future of beauty and wellness for your store by shopping these post-Covid favourites. 

There has been a greater focus on creating an enjoyable and peaceful living space over the past months, especially due to the amount of people working from home. ELM RD.’s Serenity Aromatherapy Scented Candle fits this brief to a tee, providing an atmosphere of calm with its vegan soy formula, with a blend of nine natural essential oils. A home-working set up can be refreshed with the Ardere Moroccan Tea House Candle, which uses notes of Wild Mint to invigorate the space and the senses. And not only does RLI’s line boast eye-catching, artistic packaging, their Capri Blue candle evokes sunny Italian scenes through its neroli, bergamot, sea salt and geranium scent, just what’s needed to bring the holiday to lockdown. 

According to Thrive Global, lockdown has caused many of us to spend more time online than ever before, and the potential eye strain caused by the increase in screen time has grown the need for eye-care tools and skincare. Eye strain can leave us with tired, gritty-feeling eyes. The skin around the eyes is the most delicate on the face, so it’s worth taking care of it to avoid premature signs of ageing, such as crows’ feet. Peep Club’s Eye Wand provides a touch of TLC, and is key in bringing an at-home spa experience to the consumer. The heat-controlled Eye Wand works to stimulate the glands around eyes to leave them soothed and sparkling - all the more important seeing as the eyes are the only thing that show while wearing a mask. To calm screen-tired eyes, the Kocostar Tropical Eye Patch - Acai Berry are a perfect pick-me-up. They use natural fruit extract to help soothe and brighten the under eye area. While we’re talking about eyes, the Mellow Cosmetics Treasure Chest Eyeshadow Palette is fantastic, as its stunning, easy-to-blend shades are perfect for making eyes pop from behind a mask.

The hunt for a hand sanitiser that works for everyone has dominated the last few months, and Under Your Skin Pure Hand Sanitiser may well be the solution. This grapefruit-scented solution comes in 250ml and a 60ml travel-size, to suit every consumer need. This would be amazing to put around stores and gyms as things are starting to reopen. Conscientious hand washing has left many people looking for solutions to dry hands, and Atelier Rebul Erguvan Hand Cream is a fantastic one. Enriched with argan oil, almond extract and Shea butter, this fast-absorbing formula provides customers with a hit of hydration on the go. For a more in-depth treatment, the Kure Bazaar Natural Manicure Ritual contains a Hand Care Mask to thoroughly nourish and protect hands, cuticles and nail beds. 

‘Mask-ne’ (acne caused by the use of face masks) has been described by the New York Times as “the new acne”. The newly-coined word has seen a huge spike in the search for effective solutions, so here are some of our favourites. Frank Remedies The Ultimate Detox Face Mask works to deeply cleanse minimise pores, but also removes impurities, leaving decongested, clear skin. For a targeted and novel solution, Apricot Beauty Pimple Patches ensure rapid healing of blemishes, with minimal ingredients and maximal effect. For a preventative acne treatment, Acne Therapy by rå oils provides a blemish-fighting step to any skincare routine, as well as treating existing breakouts and acne scarring. 

Our top performing Curated Collection over the months of lockdown includes Self-Love & Care, with our beauty tools being our best sellers. The Sculptor from Flexi Skin London aids blood circulation, encourages lymphatic drainage and tones the face, without the need for a trip to the spa. Earth to You London offers a targeted product for the more expressive areas of the face, as the Rose Quartz Gua Sha for Rested Fuller Brows & Lips works to relieve tension and promote circulation. 001 Skincare London satisfies the trend for cryotherapy with the CRYOPRESS®, which uses sustained cold temperatures to help skin stay healthy and fresh. 

TikTok took over lockdown and became the most downloaded non-gaming app, surpassing Whatsapp and Facebook this year (a result of everyone being bored at home? We think so). All this extra screen time has raised a concern: blue light. Skincare that defends against the blue light emitted from screens has been hailed as “2020’s biggest trend” by Influenster, and shows no sign of slowing down. Oio Lab has created the The E-Serum - Pro-Repair Anti-Blue Light Facial Serum which matches the demand for anti-digital and anti-photoaging skincare. For increased daily protection, Naya Glow Everyday Protective Day Cream contains a 2% Blue-Light active, to protect the modern woman day-to-day. Milèo New York has created the luxurious La Rose de JoEll Elixir Oud, which boosts skin immunity and protects against environmental aggressors such as UV & blue light radiation, allowing the consumer to protect their skin without the need to quit screens.

Words: Emilia Henson