3 Brands That Are Killing Sustainability Right Now

We all know sustainability should be at the heart of everything we do, but sometimes we feel lost with where to start. With plastic pollution, water scarcity and over reliance on palm oil (to name a few 👀) being issues in the industry, we all need to change our actions. Introducing three indie beauty brands transforming the industry and our lives, one step at a time.

(p.s. they’re all available at Curate Beauty 😉)


SBTRCT Skincare

High performing, solid skincare sound up your street? Meet SBTRCT, named the ‘Best Zero Waste Brand 2022’ by the Beauty Shortlist Awards 🏆 

SBTRCT are leading the way in zero waste skincare, by staying true to their main principle, ‘less is more’. SBTRCT have made it their mission to create the highest performing skincare products with the lowest environmental impact 🌍 SBTRCT have created an innovative, first‑to‑market solid format of sustainable skincare, proven to deliver results and negate the need for added water 💧

Sustainable, Zero Waste Solid Skincare On The Side Of A Sink


An artisan fragrance studio for conscious living, leading the way in product packaging. Handcrafted in the United Kingdom, with a mission to connect emotions through the power of natural and fine scents (You can thank us later).

ELM RD. uses mustard seeds to infuse their packaging with the power to grow flowers. Not only are they 100% recyclable and biodegradable, they create a floral haven for bees, vital for the preservation of biodiversity in nature 🌼🐝
Sustainable Eco Friendly Candles


Starting with the dream to make a dent in ocean plastic waste, Truthbrush develops oral care products that are ethical, sustainable and carbon neutral 🌊 With packaging colours inspired by the nature of the Dartmoor Landscape, Truthbrush brings a contemporary finish to oral care for modern day living.

Bringing the first ever solid bamboo electric toothbrush head, Truthbrush are paving the way for sustainable oral care to bring cleaner teeth to a cleaner world. Truthbrush has now been named the UK’s first oral care B Corp, creating a resilient future in social and environmental footprint 🌳👣
Sustainable Bamboo Electric Toothbrush Heads